(updated March 11, 2024)

We are grateful for parent volunteers!

There are two types of volunteers: Infrequent and Regular

Infrequent volunteers:

An infrequent volunteer is defined as a person who volunteers on campus 3 times or fewer a school year for more than 10 min each visit. These volunteers are required to provide a valid ID. Volunteers are encouraged to wear masks and be COVID vaccinated, but not required.  

Regular volunteers:

These are volunteers who are on campus more than 3 times a school year for more than 10 min each visit, or plan to be overnight trip chaperones. They are typically long-term volunteers with programs such as Project Cornerstone, Arts Focus, PTA or room parents. Volunteers are encouraged to wear masks and be COVID vaccinated, but not required. 

Regular volunteers are required to complete a volunteer badge application through our Raptor system. This enables you to complete documentation and a background check just once a year. Then, you can quickly scan your badge at the office.

Here's an overview of the process for Regular Volunteers (more than 3 times a year)

(Click on the image for a printable PDF)

Volunteer process flowchart
 Volunteer process flowchart   (Spanish: Haga clic en la imagen para obtener un PDF imprimible)

How to apply to be a NEW regular volunteer:

1. First, please collect the documentation that you'll need before starting the online application. An unfinished online application can't be saved.

   *  Please review the finger printing fact sheet (español está disponible) first to understand what is required and what may already be on file. Then, print and sign the fingerprint request form (There's a Spanish version). Please ask your principal or office for this form. It requires your principal's signature. Return your completed form to the office. Retain the ATI number from your fingerprinting/live scan form. You’ll need to enter it in the online volunteer badge application.

   * A passport style photo that can be used as your badge photo

   * Tuberculosis documentation (within the last three years) that shows you have been cleared for tuberculosis. For more information about completing this requirement, please click here. If you have submitted this to your school in the last few years, it’s possible your school office has a valid copy on file. Please check with them.

   * Completion certificate from the required annual mandated reporter training, in compliance with AB506. This training must be completed after July 1 before the school year in which you want to volunteer. (Training in other languages is available via the settings menu)
2. Once you have your documentation, complete the online application (Ask your principal/office for the link). 

3. Those with completed applications will receive their badges at their school. Completion means your application has been received and your fingerprints cleared (could take up to 30 days for fingerprints from the Department of Justice.)

Badge expiration: All badges issued in the prior 12 months will expire in June annually.

Each badge is tied to a volunteer’s security check.  Sharing badges is a violation of state law.

How to RENEW a regular volunteer badge:

All regular volunteers will have to complete the badge process each year. Current year’s badges won’t work next year, and schools will be collecting old badges at the end of the school year. Note: Renewing volunteers likely will not need new fingerprint checks or TB testing. Check to see that your TB test is valid through the end of the school year.

Ask your school for the link to the Raptor volunteer application. TB tests are good for 3 years, although you will still need to upload proof in the online application. Fingerprint checks are good for a few years. In the online application, you will provide the last school year you completed a check or the ATI number.

Training: All regular volunteers (renewing or new) will be required to complete the annual mandated reporter and abuse training in compliance with AB 506 before receiving a badge. (Training in other languages is available via the settings menu.) After training, applicants should upload their completion certificate to the online volunteer application platform as part of their required documentation. 

Annual training should be completed in the same school year as volunteering (for example after July 1, 2024 for volunteering in 2024-25). While the recommended module is best, parents who have completed training with a different organization may contact [email protected] to verify whether the training meets MVWSD’s requirements.

Thank you for adhering to this process that is vitally important to protect our students' safety and to ensure MVWSD complies with state law.

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