computer graphicInternet access/computers during school closure

For families without internet access, MVWSD will provide Chromebooks with connection to Xfinity WiFi with priority for students at Mariano Castro, Gabriela Mistral and Monta Loma. For more information, please call 650-526-3252.

MVWSD will again offer Chromebooks to families who need them. We think that it’s important that each of our families has one Internet-ready device (laptop, iPad, etc)  in their house for schoolwork. Our middle school students already have one Chromebook per student. For any of our elementary school students who don’t already have one device in their house, on Wednesday, March 25, families may sign up for a Chromebook during free meal service held from 11:30 am to 1 pm at Gabriela Mistral Elementary, 505 Escuela Ave. After you sign up, Chromebooks should be picked up on Friday, March 27 between 11:30 am and 1 pm at Gabriela Mistral Elementary, 505 Escuela Ave. 

How to fix basic Chromebook issues (includes Spanish)

How to access Xfinity WiFi (includes Spanish)

Xfinity Wifi is immediately available, but for families who are looking for a more long-term solution to internet access,  please check this list of resources available by zip 

Monitoring online activities

As students learn to use technology proficiently, it is also important that they are responsible digital citizens. We all want to help them make good choices online while they learn. The internet is a big place, and it’s important that teachers, school administrators and parents work together to keep students safe.

MVWSD provides a tool to help parents be aware of their student’s online activities. Schools use Securly to keep students safe on their school-issued devices. This application will allow you to see what choices your student is making online so that you will be alerted to potential issues and can guide your student. Please note: Securly is for school-issued devices only; not your student’s cell phone, family iPad, etc. Securly will give reports for online activity on your child’s district-issued device that occurs off school grounds. You will not get reports for online activity at school.

Middle school parents do (or will) receive a weekly email from that shows a preview of each child’s online activity. If you want to view your child’s activity at your convenience, you can sign up to enter the parent portal. To enter the Parent Portal, simply click on the "view more" link, or the “sign up” link at the bottom of your weekly email. If you don’t sign up, you will still receive the weekly Securly email. If you do not want the Securly email, you may choose “unsubscribe.”

The Parent Portal contains two categories on the left from which you can choose:
1. Activity (shows a real time audit trail of your child's online activity)
2. Flagged (shows posts made on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ that have been flagged by Securly as potentially related to self-harm or bullying)
3. Parent controls settings (allows you to control content on the device at home when it’s at home. This allows parents to block or allow specific sites, for example gaming, videos, etc., when their students are at home.

Parents can help support and supervise appropriate technology usage at home in several ways. Please ask your student about how she or he uses the Chromebook and when. Consider digital citizenship lessons for your student and resources for you on

Should you have any technical questions, please do not hesitate to contact Your school is not able to assist with Securly Parent Portal questions, so please email If you have questions or concerns about your student’s safety at school, please contact your principal.


MVWSD is on the cutting edge of teaching students how to be proficient and responsible digital citizens. Our district’s tech ratio is one to one with a Chromebook for each student in grades 2-8.


This means that every student in grades 2-8 has access to a Chromebook all day. Additionally this year, MVWSD is focused on bringing one computer to each student in second grade. The District is preparing more Chromebook carts (with new touch screen flippable Chromebooks!) for launch to first-grade classrooms in the coming months.

In middle school, the District has a take-home program with the students. Each student will be assigned a Chromebook that he or she keep with them throughout the school day and take home with them every night.  Rather than students checking out a laptop from carts in classrooms, our middle schools students will all have computer access at home!


Technology is a powerful tool for engaging students and enhancing learning in the classroom. It is also crucial that our students are prepared with technology skills and knowledge for high school, and ultimately, the workforce.

How students use technology in the classroom:

  1. Sharing presentations created with Google Slides

  2. Staying connected with their teachers through Google Classroom

  3. Showing what they have learned and teaching others with Educreations.

  4. Working with multiple students on a collaborative piece with Google Docs

  5. Learning at their own speed with Blended Learning and classroom rotations using programs such as ST MathKhan AcademyNoRedInk, and Edpuzzle

  6. Perfecting their typing skills with Edutyping

  7. Making videos to display their learning

How parents can help:

Parents can support and supervise appropriate technology usage at home in several ways.

  1. Please ask your student about how she or he uses the Chromebook and when. Please help your student care for his/her device by keeping it safe and charged. Students are responsible for the care and charging of their Chromebooks.

  2. Know that email has been disabled for grades K-5. The District has safety blockers for inappropriate content and red flags (that alert the MVWSD Technology Department) for inappropriate searches.

  3. Consider digital citizenship lessons for your student and resources for you on

  4. Ensure that middle schoolers have an accessible Internet connection at home. (If there’s no Internet, qualifying families can sign up for the Internet Essentials program. Please email Jon Aker.)

Chromebook repair and breakage:

Call 650-526-3500 ext. 1200
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