i-Ready is an online program that helps us determine your child’s strengths and areas for growth in mathematics and reading. i-Ready assessments are important tools for teachers to adjust instruction to benefit every child, and for parents to monitor and support their student’s progress. With i-Ready, parents will receive regular reports about student progress throughout the year, and students will receive real-time progress data. Additionally, your child can access i-Ready instruction at home to supplement, reinforce and enrich his/her classroom learning. 

 i-Ready provides data and resources to parents and teachers so they may support their students’ academic progress.

Why is MVWSD using i-Ready?

* Teachers can adjust student groupings and lessons based on students’ needs as outlined in the i-Ready assessment results. i-Ready provides detailed and timely information about how their students are doing.

* Parents now have regular reports about how their students’ academic progress.  i-Ready provides detailed information about how students are progressing on each grade-level standard. These reports will be sent home after the December and May assessments.

* All students have access to i-Ready lessons that can be done at home that supplement core instruction, and support and enrich students' learning. These lessons are tailored to individual students, based on information from their i-Ready assessments.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next test?

i-Ready diagnostic assessments will be administered three times a year in August, December, and May.  Reports will be shared with parents soon after each administration.

Why is my student’s i-Ready performance data important?

Throughout the year, it’s important we measure students’ growth in order to inform instruction. Teachers assess what students know and need to learn in both the classroom and during RTI time.  i-Ready is one of the assessments teachers give in order to determine RTI groupings and classroom instruction.

What will the parent reports look like?

For Families Report

The For Families Report is sent to families after each diagnostic assessment to show overall performance,  level by domain, and growth from the previous assessment.

* your student’s overall score and growth since August (math)
* your student’s overall score and growth since August (language arts)
* detailed report of how your student performed on each grade-level standard (math) 
* detailed report of how your student performed on each grade-level standard (language arts).

This is what the report looks like:

i ready reading sample
for families iready report

California Common Core State Standard (CCCS) Report

The California Common Core State Standard (CCCS) Report is sent to families after each diagnostic assessment and shows student performance on each grade level standard. The standards are marked with a green check (standard was assessed and mastered), open check (means standard was assessed and partially mastered) and a blank space (means standards was either not assessed or not mastered). 

Parents are encouraged to check with their child’s teacher to determine whether a standard has been taught.  Standards are introduced throughout the year, and it is possible that an unchecked standard has yet to be taught. We’d expect to see each box checked at the end of the year, but not in December. Teachers would expect students to grow during the year as they learn new material. 

link to standards growth report graphic

“Diagnostic Growth Report”

The Diagnostic Growth Report visually represents students’ growth in an academic year and progress toward two growth targets; Typical Growth and Stretch Growth.  When we report the percent of students who have made one years worth of growth, we are referring to the typical Growth that you see on your child’s report. Thus, if a student meets 100% of their annual typical growth, they have met their year’s growth target.  Stretch Growth shows how a student is progressing toward an ambitious but achievable target intended to put the student on a path to proficiency or advanced placements over time. Diagnostic Growth Reports are available after Diagnostic 2 and Diagnostic 3. 

Here is what a Diagnostic Growth Report looks like.
iready growth report

How do I access my child's reports?

1. Click this link to access the online PowerSchool Parent Portal: https://ps.mvwsd.org/public/ and sign in.

If you already have a PowerSchool Parent Portal account, you may use your Username and Password to sign in. To recover your password, you may use the "Forgot Username or Password" link.

If you don’t have a PowerSchool Parent Portal account, please contact your school office.

2. Click on your student’s name on the top menu bar (not necessary if you only have one student).

3. Click on “parent reports” in the navigation column on the left hand side of the page. 
graphic- i ready report

4. On the “parent reports” page, select the download icon on the right of each i-Ready report file and download it to your computer or open it in your internet browser for viewing.
link to powerschool navigation- parent reports graphic

Repeat to view each report from the current i-Ready Diagnostic. There will be one of each report from language arts, and one for math.

5. If you have more than one child in the district, return to the PowerSchool Parent Portal and click on your other students, and repeat Step 2 to view.

Is i-Ready the only test the District uses? 

i-Ready is only one measure of your child’s academic progress. To best support each child, teachers use this assessment in conjunction with other District assessments, chapter tests and teacher-designed quizzes to check for understanding. i-Ready replaces District Benchmark assessments, so the number of tests has not increased.

What should parents do with the i-Ready report?

The data in these reports gives parents insight into their students’ academic growth. As your child's first teacher, this data empowers you to have meaningful conversations with teachers and helps you know what additional practice and/or challenge work your children need at home. The school-parent partnership is essential for students’ success. In addition to classroom instruction, talk to your teacher about what activities you can do at home to best support your child. Your child can access i-Ready at home to supplement, reinforce and enrich his/her classroom learning. 

Where can I address specific questions about my student’s performance?

Your child’s teacher is the best resource for information about your child’s progress. 

What will the school do to help my child in areas where he/she is struggling or excelling?

i-Ready data will be used to tailor instruction to what students need during core instruction and RTI (Response to Instruction) time. Teachers will work with students in small groups to increase or enhance their understanding of material. i-Ready data helps to inform enrichment and intervention for every student. 

What do teachers think about i-Ready?

“I-Ready has been a welcome tool in my classroom! The assessment provides feedback to the teachers that is very detailed oriented. I-Ready breaks skills down into their components so I know exactly what a student needs, whether that is students’ understanding of vocabulary or the comprehension aspect itself. As if the data isn't enough I-Ready also provides curriculum and assignments aligned to student needs. I am able to enter the platform and have small groups already created for me, as well as a suggested lesson for these small groups. This helps me to refine my planning time so I can focus on creating better lessons for my class. Similarly, I-Ready helps my students by providing them with adapted lessons that we can use either in class or at home! These lessons are monitored by the computer program and when a student is struggling it alerts me so I can pull them aside and address any learning needs.  

For the advancing student I-Ready provides a platform of consistent challenges. I am able to create small groups and lessons that will be aligned to where these advancing students are. I love using the platform as a means of challenging my students. 

Overall I-Ready has truly elevated my teaching by providing me with; better student data, lessons aligned to student needs, a means of challenging my students, and perhaps most importantly more time to plan!”

- Ms. Hinson, 3rd grade

i-Ready is a strong learning tool for teachers and students. i-Ready makes it possible for me to to analyze data, supervise growth, and assign lessons to address my students' specific reading and math learning needs. At the same time, students can evaluate their own progress, review lessons with the teacher, and set goals for improvement and enrichment. Definitely, i-Ready is a valuable teaching and learning tool in my classroom.
- Ms. Galazzo, 4th grade

How can I help my child?

In addition to talking with your teacher, you can use i-Ready at home with your student. Schools will be communicating how students can access the lessons tailored to their individual skill level and needs, so children can learn at a pace that is just right for them. Your child will do some of these lessons at school. Others may be assigned to your child as homework, or students can simply login and learn at their own pace. i-Ready lessons supplement what is taught in the classroom and reinforces what students are learning in their classroom core curriculum. Check with your teacher about how and when to access i-Ready lessons. 

i-Ready is just one of the tools that you can use to enrich your child's learning. Reading with your children, asking questions about what they learned at school, and family outings are all learning experiences for children.

Can I advance the level of i-Ready that my child is working on?

i-Ready data allows teachers to tailor instruction to what students need during core instruction and RTI (Response to Instruction) time. Teachers will work with students in small groups to increase or enhance their understanding of material. i-Ready data helps to inform enrichment and intervention for every student. The path your child is on in i-Ready is continually adjusted through the computer adaptive environment to provide him or her with just the right amount of challenge.

Can I see my child’s i-Ready test?

i-Ready is computer-adaptive, meaning the questions your child gets are based on his/her performance on the assessment in the moment. While the questions are not available for viewing, the detailed reports parents receive will show them students’ progress on grade-level standards. Parents also can logon to i-Ready with their students at home to view the lesson material that supplements and reinforces their classroom learning.

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