California Dashboard

California Dashboard
picture of dashboard iconCalifornia recently released this year’s California School Dashboard, a website designed to help communities across the state access important information about districts and schools.  It features easy-to-read reports on multiple measures of school success, including test scores, chronic absenteeism, English learning progress and suspension rates. The highlights presented at the Dec. 12 Board of Trustees meeting show areas of both success and improvement for MVWSD. 

The Dashboard accountability system is based on multiple data measures, and these measures are used to determine District and school progress on meeting the needs of students. There are color-coded graphics that show the District’s performance levels in several areas. 

New this year: is the California School Dashboard Navigator; an interactive mapping tool for visualizing school and student group performance on a map that displays schools by their color-coded performance level for each of the state indicators and student groups. 

Here are highlights from this year’s Dashboard:


* MVWSD’s overall rating in math is blue, which is an increase of 1.6 points and a change from a green rating in 2018.
* Students with Disabilities and African American students improved ratings from orange to yellow and orange to green respectively
* All schools except Castro (orange) and Monta Loma (yellow) have overall ratings of blue or green.

Areas for Improvement: 
* English Learners, Socioeconomically Disadvantaged, and Hispanic/Latino stayed at orange ratings
* English Learners, Socioeconomically Disadvantaged, and Hispanic Latino students at Graham and Crittenden have orange ratings with students in these subgroups showing no growth for three years.
* Students with Disabilities have ratings of red at both Crittenden and Graham with no growth for two years.

English Language Arts:

* MVWSD’s overall rating in ELA is blue, which is an increase of 7.9 points and a change from a green rating in 2018.
* All subgroups that had orange ratings in 2018 (English Learners, Socioeconomically Disadvantaged, Homeless, and Hispanic/Latino students) improved to yellow.
* Students with Disabilities improved from red to yellow
* All schools except Castro (yellow) have overall ratings of blue or green.
* Students with Disabilities at Crittenden improved from red to orange

Areas for Improvement: 
* The rating for African American students decreased from blue to yellow.
* Socioeconomically Disadvantaged students at Bubb have an orange rating
* English Learners at Castro and Theuerkauf have orange ratings.  
* English learners at Graham have an orange rating and have showed no growth for three years.
* Students with Disabilities have a red rating at Graham and have showed no growth for two years.   


Areas for Improvement: 
* Even though above state average, MVWSD’s yellow rating for overall chronic absenteeism is a decline from 2018 (green). The District improved the rating for homeless students from red to orange and improved from yellow to green for Hispanic/Latino students. However, Students with Disabilities and Socioeconomically Disadvantaged students have high rates of chronic absenteeism. Schools and the District will be focusing on strategies for improving attendance among these groups. 

English Language Proficiency

* MVWSD is rated high with 56.6% of English Learners making progress toward English proficiency, which is higher than the state (48.3%). Four schools scored in the very high range (Bubb, Monta Loma, Theuerkauf, and Crittenden).  

Areas for Improvement: 
* Castro was rated as low, with 44.1% of students making progress toward English proficiency. The Districtwide goal for this area was recently strengthened, and the District is employing strategies to improve English proficiency rates.

Rate of Growth

Areas for Improvement: 

Graham, Crittenden, Landels and Castro will need to continue to address lack of growth for two - three years. Lack of growth could result in targeted program assistance from the California Department of Education. Areas of concern are:

Graham Middle School - English Language Arts and Math for these groups: Socioeconomically Disadvantaged, English Learners , Hispanic/Latino, Students with Disabilities; and for Chronic Absenteeism in English Learner students. 

* Crittenden Middle School - Math forthese groups:
 Socioeconomically Disadvantaged, English Learners  and Hispanic/Latino groups; in English Language Arts for Students with Disabilities; and for Chronic Absenteeism in English Learners, Hispanic/Latino groups.

* Castro - English Language Arts for Hispanic/Latino and English Learners groups.

* Landels - Chronic Absenteeism for English Learners 

We will analyze data and continue to make refinements in programs such as co-teaching and Response to Instruction, which supports students with targeted instruction to help them learn standards.

Parents and community members can view reports on the performance of all students and each student group on the state indicator, current performance and difference from past performance, and year-by-year data for the state indicators.

Check for more information on the Dashboard’s format and data. Schools will present their progress to their communities in January.
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