6158 AR - Independent Study/Short-term

Administrative Regulation No. 6158
Regulation revised: February 22, 2024



Student-parent-educator conference means a meeting involving, at a minimum, all parties who signed the student's written independent study agreement pursuant to Education Code 51747 or the written learning agreement pursuant to Education Code 51749.6.  (Education Code 51745.5)

Educational Opportunities

Educational opportunities offered through independent study may include, but are not limited to:  (Education Code 51745)

  1. Special assignments extending the content of regular courses of instruction

  2. Individualized study in a particular area of interest or in a subject not currently available in the regular school curriculum

  3. Continuing and special study during travel

  4. Volunteer community service activities and leadership opportunities that support and strengthen student achievement

  5. Individualized study for a student whose health, as determined by the student's parent/guardian, would be put at risk by in-person instruction

In addition, when requested by a parent/guardian due to an emergency or illness, independent study may be used on a short-term basis to ensure that the student is able to maintain academic progress in the student's regular classes.

Eligibility for Independent Study

To participate in independent study, a student shall be enrolled in a district school.  (Education Code 51748)

Monitoring Student Progress

The independent study administrator and/or supervising teacher shall promptly and directly address any failure by the student to meet the terms of the student's written agreement. The following supportive strategies may be used:

  1. A letter to the student and/or parent/guardian

  2. A meeting between the student and the teacher and/or counselor

  3. A meeting between the student and the independent study administrator, including the parent/guardian if appropriate

Responsibilities of Independent Study Administrator

The responsibilities of the independent study administrator  include, but are not limited to:

  1. Approving or denying the participation of students requesting independent study

  2. Facilitating the completion of written independent study agreements

  3. Ensuring a smooth transition for students into and out of the independent study mode of instruction

  4. Completing or coordinating the preparation of all records and reports required by law, Board policy, or administrative regulation

Assignment and Responsibilities of Independent Study Teachers

The responsibilities of the supervising teacher shall include, but are not limited to:

  1. Completing designated portions of the written independent study agreement and signing the agreement

  2. Supervising and approving coursework and assignments

  3. Maintaining records of student assignments showing the date the assignment is given and the date the assignment is due

  4. Determining the time value of assigned work or work products completed and submitted by the student

  5. Assessing student work and assigning grades or other approved measures of achievement


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