Middle School Electives

Each spring, our incoming middle school students (grades 5-7) select their electives courses for next year. All 5th-7th graders currently attending MVWSD will formally select their course electives online through the PowerSchool portal in the spring. (For new student not currently attending MVWSD, you will receive an email with instructions about how to select electives.)

Our middle schools provide quality course offerings that we hope will pique students’ interests and are a great complement to core academics. After electives selection, your student will be assigned to an individualized schedule of classes based on his/ her academic needs and interests.

Electives selection begins typically at the end of March on PowerSchool.

Course catalogs (2023-24)  * Last Year's Catalogs *

Instructions for how to choose electives in PowerSchool

English Instructions - In PDF format Spanish Instructions - In PDF format

Video instructions (includes Spanish subtitles. To view them, click on the CC icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen)

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For help

To ensure all families have support with registering for elective courses, school staff members will be available to help with online registration on weekdays beginning March 27.

Parents can request an appointment for online or phone support by calling or emailing their school office.

For Graham, incoming sixth-grade families please contact Michael Kim-Stevens at [email protected] and 650-526-3570

For Crittenden students, please contact Julie Thompson at [email protected] or 650-903-6945/ Susana Morales at [email protected] and 650-903-6945. 

Help Sessions

For Crittenden:  
(March and April - to come)

For Graham: 
(March and April - to come)

Common questions:

1. Why do we choose electives? 
All students need access to a broad course of study including core classes, classes for extra academic challenge or support, in addition to electives. Your student will be assigned to an individualized schedule of classes based on his/ her academic needs and interests.

2. How do we choose electives?
Students, with the support of their parents, select elective classes through the PowerSchool portal. Each student will need to select and rank 5 electives that are of interest. This will support the school in scheduling your student for a choice elective. Please don’t select the same elective more than once, as that  may actually limit your ability to have an elective of your choice. 

3. How does RTI work at middle school?
Students at the middle schools are scheduled for one period dedicated to supporting the student’s specific learning needs through intervention or extension/enrichment. Our middle schools use data to determine student groups, needs and progress toward mastery of essential skills standards. Specific schedules will be shared at the beginning of the school year. 

4. Do I choose an elective even if I have an IEP?
YES! You will sign up for your electives as explained above, and will be automatically assigned to any support class (RTI, Instructional Support, ELD, etc).

5. Can I sign up for Orchestra III (Crittenden) and Advanced Music (Graham)?
 Yes AND - you can choose any elective, but some require extra steps like an application or an audition. Please review the course catalog for these requirements.

6. If I wait until the last day to submit my elective preferences, will I have a lower chance of getting my choice? 
No, electives are not first-come, first- served.

7. If I select the same elective several times, does that increase my chance of getting that elective? 
No, and it may actually limit your ability to have an elective of your choice.

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