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Board of Trustees safety presentation, Jan. 10, 2019
School safety town hall and discussion, April 2018
MVWSD safety and emergency plans

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Dangerous intruder video for elementary students

Please view the "Let's Talk: Safety" video for a general view of the District’s safety work.

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October is safety month in our district. During this month, our schools will practice safety drills that are crucial for preparing us for potential crisis events. This month is an opportunity for staff and students to test our emergency response actions and make improvements. 

We know some of these drills may be unsettling for parents and students. Please know that we approach our practices with sensitivity and age-appropriate activities. In these uncertain times, it is imperative that our students and staff members know what to do to keep themselves and others safe. 

During this month, practices to be held:

Fire drill: Monthly. 
We practice how a building would be evacuated in the event of a fire or other emergencies, and how students are accounted for.

Earthquake drill: Annual. To be held the week of October 14.
Students and staff members practice strategies for evacuation, accounting for students, parent-student reunification, search and rescue techniques, first aid, and school operations without power, food or water.

Active shooter/dangerous intruder practice: Annual in October.
We practice what to do in the event of a dangerous intruder or similar event on campus. 

  * For elementary schools, a video will be shown sometime during the week of October 21.  Classes will view the “dangerous intruder” video that encourages children to stay calm, listen to trusted adults and stick to the plan. You may preview the video above. 

  * For middle schools (dates in October vary by school site. Your school will be sending more information). 
Middle school students learn what they should do in the event of an active shooter from a presentation and by participating in a drill several days later. The training is held in conjunction with the Mountain View Police Department and is aligned with the protocol recommended by the Santa Clara County Police Chiefs’ Association.  

For information about how parents can talk with their children about school violence, please see these resources:
Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers
Talking to your children about lockdown drills

While talking about and practicing for events like this is uncomfortable, we believe that if students know what to do, they will feel more confident, and ultimately be better equipped to react with safety in mind. If you have concerns or questions specific to your child, please contact your principal. 

Safety month is part of a much larger effort by MVWSD as it continues to work to ensure the safety of its students and staff members on its campuses. 

We appreciate your support of these efforts to ensure our students’ safety.

 Dear Parents:

We take the safety of your child seriously. In the last two years, we have been engaging the community in safety discussions. As part of community safety discussions in 2018, we heard ideas and priorities about school safety from our students, staff members, parents and community. At the January 10, 2019 Board meeting, our Trustees heard a presentation and had discussion about planning and training in response to national active shooter events, such as Sandy Hook and Parkland.

Taking into account the feedback from students, parents and community members, we believe that the best course of action is to equip our students and staff members in the best way possible. Districts across the nation have started conducting active shooter drills in an effort to help train school staff members and students to respond to violent events. While I wish we didn’t have to do this type of training, the reality is that as we practice for earthquakes and fires, MVWSD needs to provide training for students on what they should do in the event of an active shooter or similar event on campus.

We believe that the best course of action is to partner with the Mountain View Police Department to provide training that is aligned with the protocol recommended by the Santa Clara County Police Chiefs Association. For middle school students, this training and practice drill will take place in late January/early February in partnership with the MVPD. MVWSD staff members receive training for an active shooter event every September. In the near future, elementary students will view a video designed to teach younger students how to react to an intruder on campus.

Middle school parents should look for more information about the upcoming active shooter drills from their principals. This is an excellent training event for not only staff and students but also for the Mountain View Police Department.

This middle school drill is part of a larger effort by MVWSD as it continues to work to ensure the safety of its students and staff members on its campuses. 

Thank you for your support and ideas as we work together as a community to keep our schools safe.


Dr. Ayindé Rudolph

Here are some of the safety efforts underway:

Mental health services provided by CHAC and Uplift
Guidance counselors to support students
Project Cornerstone; encourages inclusive and positive interactions between students
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support improves social, emotional and academic outcomes for all students
Restorative Justice to bring students together in peer-mediated small groups to talk, ask questions, and air their grievances
Internet search monitoring for student concerns
District/Site safety committees
Annual building checks for safety concerns
Electronic visitor checkin

Staff training
Incident Command System
Annual disaster drill
Monthly fire drills
Annual training for emergency radio operators (used during drills)
Run Hide Defend (RHD)- all staff are trained annually on county-wide protocol of RHD

Schools conduct monthly fire drills
Frequent emergency radio testing
Annual disaster exercise held every fall
Run Hide Defend drill will be conducted in early February at both middle schools

Current work
Developing safety assessment teams (SAT) at each site / department
“See Something Say Something” campaign for use of new email and phone number for anonymous safety concern reporting
Exploring emergency notification system

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