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Mountain View Whisman School District embraces its role in establishing its commitment to equity in our district. It is our mission to establish and nurture a supportive culture where every student, staff, family, and community member feel valued and supported while working, learning, and partnering with MVWSD.

We envision a district where our students are empowered to reach their highest  potential, acknowledging that this excellence is borne from a deep well of knowledge sustained through our diversity, not stymied by it. We will encourage our students not only to think and feel-- but act -- in a way that aims to disassemble power structures that marginalize historically underserved communities. Lastly, we will empower students to be active participants in a diverse democracy and learn how to be agents of change in their own lives and in the lives of others.

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Monthly informational offerings

Our monthly offering towards MVWSD’s equity goals is titled Together We Are a Better MVWSD.

Each month you will receive an infographic in both English and Spanish that offers educational tools and community guidance inspired by a national diversity calendar. The theme is guided by the calendared events that are taking place that month.

You’ll see:

* Lessons provided by grade level that are designed to be used by teachers to enhance work they are doing in the classroom. 
* Activities provided to parents, which are meant to help bridge the gap between lessons at school and conversations at home. 
* Organization spotlights to help us engage with our community and learn more about organizations doing equity work.
* Children’s books by authors who have either the lived experience or scholarly background to contextualize this topic for children and adolescents. Please check back monthly for new topics and resources.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: May

May marks Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, which celebrates the histories of Americans hailing from across the Asian continent and from the Pacific islands of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. May 7, 1843, marks the arrival of the first Japanese immigrants to the United States. And May 10, 1869, or Golden Spike Day, recognizes the completion of the first transcontinental railroad in the U.S., which had significant contributions from Chinese workers. AAPI Heritage Month gives us a chance to celebrate and center the unique journey of all AAPI immigrants and citizens in the United States and their unique life experiences, traditions, and cultures.

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May 2022 Better Together Infographic in English  May 2022 Better Together Infographic in Spanish

Autism Awareness Month: April

This April, we herald in Autism Acceptance Month and celebrate our neurodiverse community. MVWSD is a district that aims to provide an identity-affirming, empowering space for all of our students. We strive to challenge biases and champion change that makes our world more equitable, accessible, and just. Check out this month's infographic for ideas and resources to spark a conversation about autism acceptance and about the gifts our neurodiverse people bring to our community.

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English April 2022 Better Together  Spanish April 2022 Better Together

Women's History Month: March

When women succeed, we all succeed. The same can be said for any of our community members who have felt the sting of marginalization or oppression. On International Women’s Day, let us appreciate all of the women and girls in our lives and the many intersecting identities that make them who they are. Let us never stop fighting for a world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. After all, we are #BetterTogether.

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English March 2022 Infographic  Spanish March 2022 Infographic

Black History Month: February

In the month of February, there is much to celebrate and acknowledge. The Lunar New Year reminds us of the power of rebirth and renewal, while Black History Month gives us the opportunity to recognize the resilience of those on the shoulders we stand, along with the cultural richness of those identifying as Black in America and across the world. Heritage months grant us the opportunity to highlight the history of oppressed groups and their fight towards equality, but renewal and Black excellence transcend just this month. However we celebrate, we are #BetterTogether. 

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English better together infographic February 2022  Spanish better together infographic February 2022

Universal Human Rights Month: December

December is Universal Human Rights Month, a time for people in the U.S. and around the world to join together and stand up for the rights and dignity of all individuals. December 10, Human Rights Day, is a global holiday that marks the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations in 1948. Together, we can protect the rights of everyone, everywhere. 

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December better together infographic  Spanish december infographic

Seeking Multiple Perspectives: November

The focus of November’s infographic is “Creating an Inclusive Community.” MVWSD strives to provide inclusive and supportive environments for all of our students. This is just one way we are providing an identity-affirming space for all who work, learn, and partner with us. 

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English better together  Spanish better together

Seeking Multiple Perspectives: October

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English October infographic  October calendar Spansih

Appreciating Diversity: September

This is the first issue of #BetterTogether’s second year in circulation. This past summer, the Tokyo Olympic games had us transfixed. Though there is still a way to go, these past games had the most culturally and racially diverse Team USA in history. Just before the start of the school year, the release of the US Census data also confirmed for all of us that we are one nation, more beautifully diverse than ever. This month, Mountain View Whisman School District is celebrating our diversity with resources for teachers, parents, and community partners to aid in the transmission of our message: our diversity is one of our greatest strengths as a nation, as a city, and as a school district, where all are welcome.

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September Diversity graphic  September Diversity graphic in spanish

Prioritizing Mental Health: May

This month's #BetterTogether infographic features tools and resources to help all those who work, learn, and partner with MVWSD to prioritize mental health and wellness. No one ever needs to be alone in their struggles. Together we can prioritize mental health and wellness

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Mental health resources graphic  Mental health resources graphic Spanish

Strengthening Communities: April

This month’s Better Together focus is on civic engagement and getting involved in the community. The infographic features activities for the family, engaging books about activism for students, and more!

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strengthening communities equity graphic strengthening communities equity graphic Spanish

Women's History: March

In the month of March, we are celebrating Women’s History. BetterTogether recognizes the people, movements, and ideas that challenge expectations and gender stereotypes that negatively affect us all. From women’s suffrage to the gender equality movements of modern day, it has become clear that when we all fight gender inequality, we all win. Celebrate this month by having meaningful conversations with your students, your children, and your fellow s(heroes). In addition to the infographic, this month we will also be highlighting amazing women from our organization and learning about the s(heroes) that have inspired their own commitment to gender equality.

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womens history graphic womens history graphic Spanish

Black History Month: February

Even before children can talk, they are learning about the world and about race through the words and actions of others. Parents, teachers, and caregivers have the unique opportunity to frame their child's first attempts to understand and talk about race. Talking about race matters because (1) everyone has a racialized identity, (2) racialized identity significantly impacts a person's life, and (3) race is a defining social construct in America.

This Black History Month, use the Better Together infographic to begin racially-focused conversations with children acknowledging that conversations about race will look different for each family and classroom and there is no single way to talk to children about race. Have honest conversations with your students about the history of privilege and oppression as it relates to Black History and, where appropriate, connect this to local community and larger global issues.

Together, we can fully explore black history Black History. Together, we can become anti-racist.

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Black History Month Graphic Black History Month Graphic Spanish

Poverty in America Awareness Month: January

January is Poverty in America Awareness Month and in the time of Covid-19 and the economic fallout, talking about issues surrounding poverty has never been more important. Words matter and our students know more than we often give them credit for. Talking about poverty with kids is not only possible, it's important. Explore the resources provided in this infographic to find an approach to talking about poverty that is most appropriate for your student(s). Ultimately, your conversations should reinforce that when it comes to making a difference in the world and caring for others in our community, we are #BetterTogether.

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link to poverty graphic English LINK to poverty graphic spanish

Together we can appreciate our abilities: December

In December, we are celebrating Abilities Awareness Month. To honor our commitments in moving towards equity and inclusion, help us bring the voices of people with diverse abilities into your classroom or homes, and create a learning environment that rejects ableism. From lessons on art, activism and physical disabilities to education about new developments in Universal Design, these resources will help you and your children embrace diverse abilities and understand the injustices people with disabilities often encounter. Together, we can appreciate our abilities and celebrate our common humanity.

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Link to ability awareness graphic  link to abilities awareness graphic spanish

We acknowledge our history: November

It's already November and the holiday season is upon us. Traditionally, elementary school students learn about a peaceful feast held in 1621 by the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians, who helped teach them to survive in a perilous new world. To promote both critical thinking and the disruption of falsehoods favoring a colonialist-dominant narrative, we must engage with primary sources and counter-narratives to grapple with the mythologies of the first Thanksgiving. This month, the BetterTogether calendar encourages all of us to acknowledge our shared history and acknowledge the truths of that history, starting with the contributions of those Indigenous to North America. 

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our history graphic englishlink our history graphic Spanish

Special edition: ELECTION! 

Here is a special edition on the Nov. 3 election
Participating in elections is one of the key freedoms of American life. Many people in countries around the world do not have the same freedom, nor did many Americans in centuries past. No matter what you believe or whom you support, it is important to exercise your rights. We celebrate the upcoming election cycle by publishing materials for teachers and parents that promote civic engagement amongst students and give resources to parents about how to secure their participation in this year's election. Both the links and QR codes will take you directly to the recommended resources.

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election graphic English link to election Spanish graphic

National Coming Out Day: October

Whether you're lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or an ally, be proud of who you are and your support for LGBTQ+ equality this Coming Out Day! Every person who speaks up changes more hearts and minds, and creates new advocates for equality. Inspired by National Coming Out Day on October 11th, this month’s calendar provides resources for the MVWSD community around the topic of LGBTQ+ and gender identities. Developmentally appropriate lesson plans have been provided for teachers, while articles and parenting guides appear this month in the parent section of the calendar. Check out the literature section at the bottom of the calendar for age-appropriate literature to support your discussions in school and at-home.

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link to National Coming Out English link to national coming out spanish


Hispanic Heritage Month: September

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link to Hispanic heritage graphic English     link to hispanic heritage graphic Spanish
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