6115 AR - Ceremonies and Observances

Administrative Regulation No. 6115
Regulation reviewed:  December 9, 2010



  • District schools shall be closed in observance of the following holidays (Education Code 37220):
  • New Year’s Day, January 1
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Third Monday in January or the Monday or Friday of the week in which January 15 occurs
  • Lincoln Day, the Monday or Friday of the week in which February 12 occurs
  • Washington Day, third Monday in February
  • Memorial Day, last Monday in May
  • Independence Day, July 4
  • Labor Day, first Monday in September
  • Veterans Day, November 11
  • Thanksgiving Day, that Thursday in November designated by the President of the United States
  • Christmas Day, December 25

Holidays which fall on a Sunday shall be observed the following Monday. Holidays which fall on a Saturday shall be observed the preceding Friday. If any of the above holidays occurs under federal law on a date different from that indicated above, the Board may close the schools on the date recognized by federal law instead of on the date above. (Except for Veterans Day, the governing board of a school district, by adoption of a resolution, may revise the date upon which the schools of the district close in observance of any of the holidays identified in subdivision (a) of Education Code 37220)

Commemorative Exercises

District schools shall hold exercises to commemorate the following special days: (Education Code 37220, 37221, 45460)

  • U.S. Constitution and Citizenship Day, on or near September 17
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the Friday before the day schools are closed for this holiday
  • Lincoln’s Birthday, the school day before the day schools are closed for this holiday
  • Susan B. Anthony Day, February 15
  • George Washington’s Birthday, the Friday preceding the third Monday in February
  • Black American Day, March 5
  • Conservation, Bird, and Arbor Day, March 7
  • Classified Employee Week, third Week in May

Commemorative exercises shall be integrated into the regular educational program to the extent possible.

In addition to the days listed above, schools are encouraged to hold appropriate commemorative exercises that 1) acknowledge individuals and events of cultural and/or historical significance and 2) foster connections to the District’s diverse community.

Patriotic Exercises

Each school shall conduct appropriate patriotic exercises daily. These patriotic exercises may be satisfied by the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance and may also include instruction that promotes understanding of the concepts of “pledge,” “allegiance,” “republic,” and “indivisible” and understanding of the importance of the pledge as an expression of patriotism, love of country, and pride in the United States. (Education Code 52720, 52730)

Individuals may choose not to participate in the flag salute for personal reasons.

At elementary schools, such exercises shall be conducted at the beginning of each school day. (Education Code 52720)

At the middle schools, such exercises shall be conducted during the day at the time of each school’s choosing.

Display of Flag

The flag of the United States and the flag of California shall be displayed during school days at the entrance or on the grounds of every school and on or near the district office. At all times, the national flag shall be placed in the position of first honor. (Government Code 431, 436; 4 USC 6)

When displayed on a building or flagstaff in the open, the national flag shall be displayed only from sunrise to sunset unless properly illuminated during the hours of darkness. The flag should not be displayed during inclement weather unless an all-weather flag is used. (4 USC 7)

The national flag shall fly at half-staff on the following occasions: (4 USC 7)

  • For 30 days from the death of the President or a former President
  • For 10 days from the death of the Vice President, the Chief Justice or a retired Chief Justice, or the Speaker of the House of Representatives
  • From the day of death until internment of an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, a secretary of executive or military department, former Vice President, and the Governor of a state
  • On the day of death and the following day for a Member of Congress
  • On Peace Officers Memorial Day (May 15), unless that day is also Armed Forces Day
  • On Memorial Day, until noon only.
  • Upon a proclamation from the Governor in the event of the death of a present or former official of the state government or a member of the Armed Forces from the state who has died while serving on active duty.
  • On other occasions by order of the Presidents and in accordance with presidential instruction or orders.


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