LCAP survey shows results in strategic areas

LCAP survey shows results in strategic areas

Results are in. Thank you to all the parents, students, and staff of MVWSD who participated in the survey last month designed to gather feedback to inform district-wide strategic planning and the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).

More of you participated than ever before. A total of 4,139 students, staff and parents completed the survey; up 36% from last year! This year’s LCAP plan is in the process of being written. Look for a draft for public comment online at in May.

 There is good news to report. Our work together to develop Strategic Plan 2021 is already having an impact on students; both in academics and support. Areas of focus in the District’s Strategic Plan 2021, such as special education and English language learners (ELL), have more favorable ratings this year. Work in areas of inclusive and supportive environment show when respondents say they feel involved in school, are very satisfied with the learning environment, view school favorably and feel welcome.

  • Parent and student respondents are very satisfied with the learning environment and quality of education at MVWSD. Nearly all parent respondents are generally satisfied with their child’s teacher and instructional materials. Ninety-five percent of student respondents agree their school provides a good education to its students.

  • Compared to 2016, parents in 2017 are significantly more likely to understand the types of support, both academic and non-academic, available to their child.

  • Staff respondents in 2017 are significantly more likely to indicate that students come to class prepared and ready to learn compared to 2016.

  • Survey results suggest high overall levels of satisfaction with ELL education at MVWSD. Ninety-three percent of ELL students agree their teacher helps them learn English and that their school gives them positive encouragement. At least 80 percent of parent respondents rate staff for ELL students as “very helpful” or “extremely helpful.”

  • Parents’ perceptions of special education at MVWSD have improved significantly since 2016. In 2017, 61 percent of parent respondents report that special education students receive adequate resources and support, while 42 percent indicated the same in 2016.  Additionally, parents in 2017 are substantially more likely to rate special education staff as helpful than in 2016.

  • Parent respondents are generally satisfied with school-sponsored programs. Approximately 90 percent of parent respondents are at least “moderately satisfied” with summer school and after-school clubs.

  • Parents, students, and staff all report frequent use of technology in schools. Ninety-two percent of parent respondents indicate their child uses technology regularly as part of school instruction and almost all students (97 percent) report using technology at school at least a few times per week.

  • Overall, parents and students view MVWSD school environments favorably. Nearly all parent respondents indicate their child has friends and feels safe at school.

  • Most parents feel encouraged and comfortable participating in school activities. Nearly all parents (90 percent or more) are at least moderately satisfied with parent events and school organizations. Back to School Night is the most attended school event among parents.  

  • Both parents and staff believe that providing parents with more information on how to support students at home is the top way to increase parental involvement in schools. More information on involvement opportunities, more communication between the school and parents, and more convenient times for participation are other top ways of encouraging parental involvement according to parents and staff.

Areas of work

  • 26 percent of staff respondents believe that facilities at their school are not up-to-date and approximately one-third of students think that their school is not clean. Starting this summer, most of the elementary schools will be modernized, funded by Measure G.

  • Continue to improve instruction for English Language Learners (ELL) and students with special needs.

  • Continue to increase the level of academic rigor and meet the needs of students at all levels. The District is starting a strategy to support students called Response to Instruction (RTI). RTI is an approach to reaching students at all levels by providing targeted instruction for students who need remediation, as well as for those who need extra challenge.

  • Teachers cited the need for continued professional development in a variety of areas.

For more information on the LCAP, please click here.

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