5115 BP - Enrollment

Board Policy No.  5115
Policy Adopted: November 20, 2014


Each spring, the district shall establish the space availability at each school site based upon an estimate of the number of classes needed at each grade level and for each subject area in order to accommodate estimated enrollment.

The Governing Board shall establish Administrative Regulations that address open enrollment by students residing within the District as well as transfers by students residing outside the district. These shall include enrollment priorities that are subject to the reasonable discretion of District administration to address issues related to program criteria, fiscal implications, student hardship and special circumstances, transportation, and such other issues as may impact the operation of the District, its schools and/or programs. Enrollment priorities shall not limit the ability of the District to exercise its rights or meet its obligations under law, Board policy or regulations, or its agreements, including, without limitation, the terms of any and all interdistrict transfer agreements.

Enrollment timelines shall be established on an annual basis. Enrollment priorities shall be implemented in accordance with the established timelines.

The Governing Board shall annually review enrollment policies and procedures. (Education Code 35160.5, 48980)

Legal Reference
Education Codes
35160.5 District policies; rules and regulations
35291 Rules
48980 Notice at beginning of term

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