6185 BP - Community Day School

Board Policy No. 6185
Policy Adopted:  June 7, 1999


The Governing Board recognizes the need to provide an appropriate alternative educational program for expelled students who are prohibited from attending regular schools in the district and for certain students referred by probation or district processes. The district shall operate one or more community day schools designed to meet the needs of these students. The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that any such school is operated in accordance with legal requirements related to enrollment, instructional time and facilities.

The Board perceives the community day school as a flexible component of a comprehensive effort to meet the needs of expelled and other at-risk students throughout the community. The Superintendent or designee shall solicit input from the County Superintendent of Schools and neighboring districts when designing the district community day school and shall collaborate with them in fulfilling community needs.

In order to foster positive attitudes and academic progress, the Board recognizes that community day schools must give students substantial individual help with their problems.  Community day school staff shall collaborate with district counselors, psychologists, and other support staff and with the county office of education, law enforcement, probation, and human services agency staff who work with at-risk youth.  To the extent possible, community day school programs shall provide a low student-teacher ratio as well as individualized instruction and assessment.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish procedures for the involuntary transfer of students to a community day school in accordance with law.

The Superintendent or designee may require community day school students to attend school for up to seven days a week in a directed program designed to provide students with the skills and motivation necessary for success when they are returned to a regular school environment.

Legal Reference:
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