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Better Together’s theme this year: Belong
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This year, MVWSD is officially launching Better Together, a program designed to increase meaningful conversations in the classroom. For the 2022-23 school year, the theme is “Belonging is Elemental.”  We look forward to the coming months with the launch of the monthly Better Together infographics, No Place for Hate programming at our middle schools, and the district-wide recognition of United Against Hate week in November.

Monthly informational offerings

Our monthly offering towards MVWSD’s equity goals is titled Together We Are a Better MVWSD.

Each month you will receive an infographic in both English and Spanish that offers educational tools and community guidance inspired by a national diversity calendar. The theme is guided by the calendared events that are taking place that month.

You’ll see:

* Lessons provided by grade level that are designed to be used by teachers to enhance work they are doing in the classroom. 
* Activities provided to parents, which are meant to help bridge the gap between lessons at school and conversations at home. 
* Organization spotlights to help us engage with our community and learn more about organizations doing equity work.
* Children’s books by authors who have either the lived experience or scholarly background to contextualize this topic for children and adolescents. Please check back monthly for new topics and resources.

Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month: May

Happy AAPI Heritage Month! This May, we celebrate and honor the diverse cultures, traditions, and contributions of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. As we reflect on this important month, let us also remember the importance of being proud - having pride in who we are, where we come from, and what we bring to the world. Let's take this opportunity to stand in solidarity with our AAPI friends and family and celebrate our shared values of inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance.

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English May 2023 Better Together infographic  Spanish May 2023 Better Together infographic

Allyship: April

Being an ally means using our platform to support one another. In schools, allyship is crucial to creating an inclusive and safe environment for all students. As peers, we can actively listen, advocate for others, and stand up against discrimination. Let's use our voices and actions to promote kindness, empathy, and justice. By being allies, we can create a culture of inclusion where everyone feels valued and respected. Let's commit to standing up for what is right and making our schools a better place for all.

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English April 2023 better together infographic  Spanish April 2023 better together infographic

Celebrating Women's History: March

March is Women's History Month, a time to celebrate the contributions women have made to society. However, we must acknowledge that not all women have had an equal chance to succeed. Inclusion is key to truly celebrating Women's History Month. Let's uplift and empower all women, regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or ability. As allies, we can listen to their stories, amplify their voices, and work together to create a more equitable society. Let's celebrate progress and continue to choose to be #BetterTogetherMVWSD.

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English March 2023 Better Together Infographic  Spanish March 2023 Better Together infographic

Celebrating Black History: February

In February, we honor Black History Month. As educators and parents, we can help our young people imagine a world where they are active participants in the dismantling of racist and oppressive forces. We can help them imagine a future where we are all #BetterTogether.

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English Better Together Infographic for February 2023  Spanish Better Together Infographic for February 2023

Culture: January

For the month of January, we focus on the question of "how does my culture influence who I am and how I see others?"

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English Better Together January 2023 infographic  Spanish Better Together January 2023 infographic

Exploring Differences: December

For the month of December, we explore how our experiences are similar to and different from those of people from different backgrounds. We will also explore Disability Awareness while building literacy around this important topic. The resources linked through the digital copy of this infographic help you and your students explore themselves and others respectfully and meaningfully with activities meant to enlarge our perspectives about people with disabilities.

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December better together infographic in English  December better together infographic in Spanish

Native American Heritage Month: November

We wish you a meaningful and reflective Día de los Muertos. Running from November 1st and November 2nd (today) is this indigenous holiday that originated in southern Mexico and celebrates the remembrance of family members and friends who have died.

November also marks the recognition of Native American History month and #BetterTogether's exploration of self-expression. What does it mean to find your voice? How can we uplift the voices of others?

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English November better together infographic  Spanish November better together infographic

Hispanic Heritage Month: October

October straddles the latter half of our celebration of HIspanic Heritage Month. If you haven't yet, take a look at some of the resources offered in this infographic to incorporate topics related to celebrating Hispanic and Latino heritage into your conversations about identity and labels. How do the labels we use to describe ourselves and others influence our identities?

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October better together infographic in English  October better together infographic in Spanish

Hispanic Heritage Month: September

During the month of September, we are exploring the topic of identity with students. September 15 - October 15 also marks the occasion to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Developing a positive self-identity can help students reorient their misperceptions about how our differences divide or isolate us. Exploring identity during Hispanic Heritage Month gives us all the opportunity to recognize that a collective celebration of our individual differences can actually bring us closer together.

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September 2022 Better Together infographic in English  September 2022 Better Together infographic in Spanish

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