Schools & Programs

Mountain View Whisman School District has seven elementary (K-5) schools and two middle (6-8) schools. We invite you to visit each of our schools.

Benjamin Bubb School K-5

525 Hans Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94040

Bubb School is a wonderful place to learn and grow. Our mission is to be a Community of Learners so that all students achieve high academic performance, celebrate diversity, and attain lifelong learning skills. We are continually building inclusive partnerships with all groups in our community. We make every effort to create a safe, challenging, and engaging environment while communicating high expectations clearly and frequently. The Bubb School staff is committed to offering an exemplary program for all students.

Mariano Castro School K-5

505 Escuela Ave
Mountain View, CA 94041

The Mariano Castro School community empowers our diverse student population with the skills and knowledge to become lifelong learners prepared for the world ahead. Our Core Values are “Academic excellence through a culture of high expectations, strong community through a culture of collaboration, and broad worldview through a culture of respect.” We provide a vital learning community so that every child succeeds every day.

Frank L. Huff School K-5

253 Martens Ave
Mountain View, CA 94040

Huff School is an exciting community of students, parents, faculty, community members, and volunteers. We are a strong, richly diverse community that exemplifies a broad world view. The Huff community strives to challenge, support and inspire each student to reach for academic excellence. We believe in supporting the entire child. We encourage our students to take risks, wonder, explore, imagine, and embrace all learning opportunities. Welcome to our community. Join us as we demonstrate, daily, a relentless commitment to the success of every child.

Edith Landels School K-5

115 West Dana St
Mountain View, CA 94041

An honored 2006 California Distinguished School, Edith Landels Elementary is located in the heart of Mountain View, California. Landels is the home of 557 kindergarten through fifth grade students that come from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. Landels exemplifies a professional educational community that provides an optimal learning environment to address the plethora of needs of our student population. The staff, students, parents, and community partners are committed and share a strong, common mission. Landels Learning Community’s mission is to achieve academic and social excellence for every child by creating a culture of respect, collaboration and continuous improvement. At Landels, we all truly believe that we can accomplish great things together and share a determination to see every child succeed. Landels has been honored for a second time in 2010 as a California Distinguished School and a Title I Academic Achievement School.

Monta Loma School K-5

460 Thompson Ave
Mountain View, CA 94043

Monta Loma Elementary is committed to challenging students to reach their academic and social potential to prepare them for success in the world ahead. We provide opportunities for children to develop a positive attitude towards school and learning. Teachers challenge students to think critically, solve problems, communicate effectively, and collaborate with peers. Our teachers participate in professional development and work with an instructional coach throughout the year to continually improve instructional practice, plan engaging lessons, and provide differentiation for all learners.

Stevenson School K-5

750B San Pierre Way
Mountain View, CA 94043

Our mission at Stevenson Elementary is to, "Cultivate a life-long love of learning by educating the whole child in a collaborative community. This means we take hands-on education and parent participation seriously. In combination with whole class direct instruction, we use our parents to facilitate small group rotations where students have the opportunity to pursue work independently, engage with technology, and receive the support they need to learn the Common Core State Standards. Our school is also taking on Project-Based Learning (PBL) as a core teaching methodology. Through PBL students investigate meaningful questions, collaborate with peers and adults, create original content, revise their work, and present their learning to an authentic audience.


Theuerkauf School K-5

1626 San Luis Ave
Mountain View, CA 94043

The teachers, staff, parents, and community of Theuerkauf Elementary are committed to developing the full potential of all students in a nurturing and challenging learning environment. Teachers provide opportunities for students to be actively engaged in their learning and monitoring their own progress, enabling students to develop an awareness of their potential to excel academically.

Crittenden Middle School 6-8

1701 Rock St
Mountain View, CA 94043

The mission of Crittenden Middle School is to “inspire and empower every student to pursue academic and personal excellence.” The dedicated and caring staff believe our students deserve equal access to a rigorous academic program, and utilizes a variety of teaching and learning approaches to support the unique needs of adolescents. We are fortunate to be part of a community of students, staff, and families that appreciates and celebrates our diversity. In this spirit, we support the success of the whole child by increasing academic achievement, fostering a student’s sense of self, and creating opportunities for positive interaction with the community.

Graham Middle School 6-8

1175 Castro St
Mountain View, CA 94040

Graham Middle School is defined by the following Five Essential Elements: I Belong, Do No Harm, Pursue Knowledge, Together We Can, Take Pride. We work diligently to ensure everyone believes and acts like they belong to our community. We train our students and staff that we do not harm anyone physically, emotionally or academically. We provide training on what bullying is, and any form of bullying is not tolerated. The staff models high expectations that students will grow in all academic areas, and will continue to pursue learning in areas that interest them. We work together to achieve greatness that we could not do alone. We have an active parent community that works with Graham to ensure success for all. The staff diligently works to inspire students to take pride in their school, their work, themselves, and the greater community.