Mountain View Whisman School District

Parcel Tax Oversight Committee
Meeting Minutes February 4, 2008


Approved on March 19, 2008.


In Attendance
Committee Members:        Carmen Bryant, Mike Cobb, Jim Cochran,Greg Fowler,
                                        Steve Sherman, Kevin Stone
Staff:                                Craig Goldman, Maurice Ghysels (joined mid-meeting)
Ex Officio:                        Gloria Higgins
Absent:                             David Greene


1.  Call to Order and Review of Agenda

Meeting called to order at 6:36 PM.

2.  Public Comment:  Opportunity for Public Comment for Items Not on Agenda

No members of the public addressed the committee at this time.

3.  Minutes:  Review and Approve Minutes of September 17, 2007

Committee reviewed minutes for the September 17, 2007 meeting. 

Motion:  Approve minutes for September 17, 2007 as submitted.  Motion by Sherman and second by Bryant carries 6/0/0.

4.  Budget Report:  2006-07 and 2007-08

Craig Goldman presented reports on the 2006-07 actuals and 2007-08 budget as of the first interim.  A comment was made that the report format was easy to follow and the results were near the budgeted numbers.

Expenses in 2006-07 for the lawsuit related to the parcel tax were higher than expected. The District has requested the final billing.

It was noted that variations in programs can be caused by the actual salary cost of staff assigned to the program. 

The Committee agreed that a report needs to be made as soon as possible on the 2006-07 actuals.  Sherman agreed to present the results to the Board of Trustees at its March 6th meeting.  Stone will assist in preparing the presentation. Cobb will obtain the ad format used in past reports published in the Voice from Greene.

Motion:  Accept 2006-07 actuals and report to the Board and public as soon as possible.  Motion by Sherman and second by Stone carries 6/0/0.

The Committee then reviewed the results as of the first interim as presented to the Trustees.  Revenue from the parcel tax is expected to be $1.7 million including any refunds.  The year began with a balance of $600 thousand and the balance is expected to be about $364 thousand at the end of the year.

The cost for the English Learner Development program has decreased due to the approach taken.  The cost of the Leadership Activities program has increased due to staffing.  Costs of the CSMA program were up due to salaries and an increased number of classes in first grade.

The Committee asked questions on the increases for the class reduction program and the academic at-risk programs. The increase in costs for class reduction is due to the program getting started at the beginning of the academic year and the shift in approach from the intervention model.  In addition, the cost reflects an increase in salaries in the 6th grade portion of the program.

The Academic At-Risk Program increase is also due to an earlier start this year and additional funds for activities which are a part of the program.

5.  Presentation and Discussion:  Governor’s Proposal for 2008-09 and Impact Upon Mountain View Whisman School District

Craig Goldman shared the analysis presented by School Services of California.  State budget for the current year was passed in August 2007 with a $2.6 billion reserve.  By November predictions were for decreases in revenue.  It is expected the $2.6 billion reserve will be spent plus an additional $2 billion in the current fiscal year.  By the end of 2008-09, the State deficit is projected to be at least $14.6 billion.

During the current year the projected reduction for K-12 is $360 million.  Most of the cuts will be through reclaiming unspent categorical funds.

The current projection is a $1.4 billion reduction in the Prop. 98 spending level for next year.  The Legislative Analyst has proposed making larger reductions this year and avoiding the suspension of Prop. 98 in 2008-09.

The Governor’s proposal is likely to require the suspension of Prop. 98 in 2008-09.  The proposal includes COLA percentages, but also includes a deficit factor for both ADA funds and categorical funds.

For the District in 2008-09, the results are a $581,000 cut in ADA funds and $455,000 cut in categorical funds.

The District is focused on “planning” and not on “panic.”  It is important to continue work on priorities.  Options for reducing costs and increasing revenues are being reviewed.

There was some general discussion of budget plans for next year and how the Committee felt the parcel tax could fit into the picture.

6.  Future Agenda Items

  • Review proposals for 2008-09 budget
  • Distribute a proposal via email for handling inquiries from the media to members of the PTOC related to the parcel tax election.  If there are no objections to the proposal, there is no need for a special meeting to discuss the topic and the proposal is ratified.

7.  Set Date of Next Meeting(s)

Next meeting is May 5, 2008 at 6:30 p.m.

8.  Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 8:21 p.m.