June 13, 2006

Present:    Kim Carter, Dana Gaudio, Maurice Ghysels, Craig Goldman, Nelson Iwai, Steve Patterson, Kevin Stone, Sally Topete, Tom Wilson, Ellen Wheeler, Rebecca Wright

Absent:     Henry Chen, Mark Dietz, and Michelle de la Ossa

1.    Call to Order at 6:36 p.m.

    Review of Agenda – Approved as submitted.

    Approval of the March 14, 2006 minutes – Approved as submitted.

4.    Public Comment on Items Not on Agenda – No member of the public was present

5.    Updates Affecting the Financial Status of the District

    Katz Lawsuit – The judge ruled against extending the timeline.  May 5th is the date of the hearing. The case could be thrown out on a technicality, or we could have to start over if he wins the appeal.

6. Review EdSource Conference

Some members of the BTF attended the conference.  They thought that it was very good.  
G. Johnson spoke; he provided a good perspective of how far we’ve come in terms of State accountability.  Ted Mitchell also spoke; he was excellent.

EdSource has a link on their web site.  One can compare any district with other school districts by looking at this information. EdSource also has videos on its web site.  (These are not for the average person.  It is helpful to have some understanding of school budgets before viewing these.)

Rebecca felt that the conference focused on the difference between equity and advocacy.  This seems to be how the discussions are shifting at a State level.  People now seem to be concerned with whether or not District and State, are funding education the way we need to be in order to be able to do the things that we, state, think things should be done.

7.    Superintendent’s Goals -

Maurice started in his position in July.  He wrote goals in December.  These goals are based on the strategic plan.  He has been meeting with several groups of people (including Board and Principals) about these goals.

There are three major points with the goals.  They are:

    Achievement – test scores
    High relationship – community – collaboration, teamwork.  This commitment/involvement needs to be more than just money – kind of like the “magic of Disney”
    Improvement – have to continue to improve

The goals consist of four major “buckets” with 3 points in each.  These buckets are:
    Learning & Growth

This is a classic “management by objective.”  Every manager in the district, DO and Principals, have a 1-page write-up of their goals.  There are some people from Synopsis that are helping the District with this process.

One major goal that everyone has is 5% improvement.  This ends up being about 80% of all goals.  We want to move students CST levels (i.e., move 5% from Far Below Basic to Below Basic, and 5% from Below Basic to Basic, etc.).  This goal is for CST levels, but it is also broken down by the sub groups.

8.    Basic Aid Status of District -

The Santa Clara County Office of Education put together some information for Rebecca regarding Basic Aid. There are 3 major factors:  1) a district’s ADA, 2) the amount that is received from the State for revenue limit funding, and a district’s property tax base.

Some other important things to know:
    The number of inter-district transfers is currently under 200
    Basic Aid districts do not receive ERAF money
    The goal:  a district does not want to be barely over the line to qualify for Basic Aid—a district wants to be fairly far in.
    Redevelopment Districts:  The Shoreline Redevelopment will not come to us.  The downtown redevelopment will sunset sometime in the future. That could help us come closer to Basic Aid.  Rebecca will check the date.
9.    Framework for Additional Reserve Proposal – Rebecca provided information to start a discussion.

Items the Committee needs to consider:
    Ability to put aside money
    1.5% reserve helped during the mid-year budget cuts and the year the parcel tax did not pass
    Is there a way to check Health and Welfare cost projection?  The cost projection Rebecca has seen is a 10% increase each year for the future.
    One-time reserve doesn’t help with salary and health costs
    Special Ed. and declining enrollment
    History from 03-04
    Fear of lay-offs
    Some thoughts were to build a reserve, but we need to be able to say what it is for.

It was determined that the Committee needs more time to consider information.  The Committee will discuss this again next month.

10.    Future Agenda Items
    View the May Revise (June)
    Continue Discussion on the Budget Reserve
    Second Superintendent’s BTF Letter (June)
    Corporate Partnership

11.    Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 9:58 pm.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 9, 2006