Parcel Tax Oversight Committee (PTOC)

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Many of our community members are not aware of how much the Mountain View Whisman School District depends upon locally generated revenue to supplement state and federal education funding. In our District, this revenue constitutes nearly a quarter of our total revenue.

One of the largest sources of this local revenue is our Parcel Tax, which generated annually approximately $2.8 million for the District. Our local Parcel Tax was approved in 2009 as Measure C to maintain the high quality of our neighborhood schools. It has been used to fund programs that the District would not otherwise have been able to provide. The Parcel Tax provided essential funding in the past for items such as the following:

  • For all District schools –
    • Classroom teachers (to offset state funding cuts)
    • Library technicians to maintain school libraries
    • Counseling and mental health services
  • For all K-5 schools –
    • Physical education for all students in grades 1-5
    • Outdoor education (science camp) for all students in grade 5
    • Materials and staffing for “hands-on” science programs
    • Additional custodial staff to ensure clean and well-maintained classrooms and campuses
    • Clerical staff to provide school office assistance and family and student support
  • For both middle schools –
    • Classroom teachers to expand instrumental and vocal music programs
    • Staff and programs to provide intervention and support for “at risk” students

The Parcel Tax is an additional tax charged to property owners, who annually pay between $127 and $1,116, based on the size of their parcel. There are specified exemptions for senior citizens, those receiving Supplemental Security Income, and owners of multiple contiguous (adjacent) parcels operated as a single business. The current Parcel Tax was approved for eight years and is set to expire in 2017.

In order to ensure that the proceeds of the Parcel Tax are spent according to the terms approved by voters, Measure C requires a citizen’s oversight committee composed of homeowners, business representatives, parents, and community members who meet 3-4 times a year and report to the Board of Trustees on an annual basis. The Parcel Tax Oversight Advisory Committee protects the taxpayers' investment in education and ensures District accountability through independent financial audits of revenues and expenditures.

We want to express our continuing gratitude to those MVWSD residents who supported the Parcel Tax and to those property owners who provide such an essential resource for our students.

Meetings and Membership

2015 - 16 Meetings

December 16, 2015  
September 30, 2015 Agenda  

Parcel Tax Oversight Committee Members:

Chair Steve Sherman
Vice Chair Laurence Maller
Secretary David Greene
Member Vacant
Member Vacant
Member Sundar Subbarayan
Member Thida Cornes
Member Hafsa Mirza
District Rep. Robert Clark

Parcel Tax Documents

Senior Exemption Form

Home owners of 65 or older are eligible for an exemption for their principal residence.


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