Fiscal Services

Mission: To support the financial integrity of MVWSD and the success of every child through efficient, effective, and accurate budget, finance, purchasing, and employee compensation systems.

Education Protection Account (EPA) Funding 2013-14

MVWSD Financial Reports

2013-14 Narratives Presentations Reports
June Budget


2013-14 June Budget Presentation

2013-14 Budget
1st Interim 2013-14 First Interim Narrative 2013-14 First Interim Presentation  
2nd Interim   2013-14 Second Interim Presentation 2013-14 Second Interim Budget
Unaudited Actuals      
Audit Report      

2012-13 Presentations Reports
June Budget 2012-13 June Budget Presentation

2012-13 Budget

1st Interim

2012-13 First Interim Presentation

2012-13 First Interim Budget
2nd Interim 2012-13 Second Interim Presentation 2012-13 Second Interim Budget
Unaudited Actuals 2012-13 Unaudited Actuals Presentation

2012-13 Unaudited Actuals

Audit Report

2012-13 Audit Report Presentation 2012-13 Audit Report

2011-12 Presentations Reports
June Budget

2011-12 Study Session


2011-12 Budget Presentation

2011-12 Budget
1st Interim

2011-12 First Interim Presentation

2011-12 First Interim Report

2nd Interim

2011-12 Second Interim Presentation

2011-12 Second Interim Report 
Unaudited Actuals 2011-12 Unaudited Actuals Presentation 2011-12 Unaudited Actuals
Audit Report 2011-12 Audit Report Presentation 2011-12 Audit Report