Mountain View Whisman School District
Parcel Tax Oversight Committees

Meeting Minutes March 30, 2011

In Attendance

Committee Members: Carmen Bryant, Mike Cobb, Steve Sherman, Greg Coladonato, Alicia Crank, Laurence Maller

Staff:                           Craig Goldman, Shaw Lee Ouyang

Ex Officio:                   Steve Olson

No members of the public were present

Call to Order and Review Agenda

Meeting called to order at 6:35

Members of the Committee, Ex-officio and staff members were introduced and new members Crank, Coladonato and Maller were introduced.

Opportunity for Public Comment on Items Not on Agenda

No members of the public were present at the meeting.

Review and Approve Minutes of Feb 9, 2011 Meeting

Committee reviewed minutes for the Feb 9, 2011 Parcel Tax Oversight Committee meeting.

Motion to approve minutes for Feb 9, 2011 meeting as corrected. (Cobb/ Sherman) Approved 3/0/3.

Review of Audited Actuals

Ouyang presented review of Actuals.   Revenue shows at $2.73M vs expected $2.9M. The projected ending balance of $540,822 above Projected Ending Balance. Procedures for reporting findings to School Board was reviewed.

Sherman questioned substantially lower than expected expense for Academic at Risk. Less students than expected received the service. Science camp was below budget. This was the first year of the program and budgeting was imprecice.

Formatting errors in the Actuals report were flagged. No PT funding was approved for Regular Education or After School sports in 09-10, and the empty fields within the report are in error. A corrected version will be provided to committee members.

Motion to accept Audited actuals as within expected parameters and to report back to board favorably (Cobb/Sherman 6/0/0)

PT Comparison 10-11 2nd Interim vs YTD actuals

Ouyang presented comparison

    • Total expenditures are on track and within expectations.
    • Significant percentage of revenue not yet received
    • Sherman suggested that data be added to show Expected Income/Encumbraces for balance of year to more clearly show any variance from Budget. Ouyoung will provide information in a more clear format going forward

Future Agenda

Suggested agenda items include

  • Review of State Budget
  • First review of 11-12 Budget Proposal

Next Meeting shall be held at 6:30 PM, Wed 11 May 2011 in the MVWSD Conference Room

Meeting adjourned at 8:03 PM