English Learners

English Language Learner, Title I, III and Strategic Programs

The Mountain View Whisman School District is committed to working in concert with administrators, teachers, support staff, district staff, community members, students, and parents to provide the most effective instructional programs for English Learners for them to be successful.

Our District is committed to closing the achievement gap for all students and we aim to provide our English Learners with outstanding ongoing support through a cycle of instruction, assessment, monitoring, and evaluation. All district staff is accountable for ensuring that programs for English Learners are optimally effective and everyone in our district is to follow the procedures specified in our Master Plan for English Language Learners.


Provide all English Language Learners an education that develops and maintains their skills and knowledge to be successful in the future.

Language and Academic Goals:

    • Every ELL will gain one proficiency level on the English Language Learner assessments every year
    • Every ELL will meet reclassification criteria within 6 years in US schools
    • Every ELL will meet or exceed grade level standards

Program Goals:

    1. Develop and implement effective programs for English Learners as described in the Master Plan for English Learners;
    2. Ensure that all English Learners access and master the English language in a timely manner;
    3. Ensure that all English Learners access and master the core curriculum and meet grade level standards;
    4. Decrease the risk of failure and retention;
    5. Promote bi-literacy in Dual Immersion Alternative Programs;
    6. Strengthen parent involvement and engagement in their child’s academic plans;
    7. Increase English Learner participation in advanced academic programs and enrichment opportunities;
    8. Engage English Learners in meaningful cultural, social, and academic activities
    9. Increase English Learners' understanding and strategic use of the English language for communication.

Instructional Time:

    • Designated time for language instruction for all English language learners 
    • K-5 ELD rotations, designated pull-out, and integrated ELD throughout the day
    • 6-8 ELD designated or mainstream ELA block and integrated ELD across all content areas

Department Contacts:

Heidi Smith, Director of Federal, State and Strategic Programs (ELL/Title I, III and Strategic Programs)
650-526-3500 ext. 1121 

Arline Siam, Educational Services Coordinator/ ELL (English Learner (EL) Instructional Support)
650-526-3500 ext. 1028

Claudia Navarrete Sanchez, Department Secretary
650-526-3500 ext. 1121

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